Subject: Read through chapter 3!
Posted on: 2023-08-12 21:37:50 UTC

Making allowance for it being a translation (and it is an understandable translation!) - it actually looks pretty good so far. Pacing isn't bad, and while there is a certain amount of similarity to Bucky's experience, it makes enough sense, and Siren's situation isn't identical despite that similar opening. It mostly just looks like they're using half of the same methods, which is probable enough. Obviously haven't read far enough to get a sense of a, is this straight up a Disney crossover or just using the story for inspiration, or b, if so, how the two canons are blended, but so far it works well enough. I'd have to read the rest to say anything more about the execution of the concept; but either way, so far it seems like a translation of a decent to good fic, and I'd probably read more if I was in the mood for it (and for reading on Wattpad, which seems to like having little distracting elements on the screen for some reason).


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