Subject: My Introduction
Posted on: 2023-08-20 01:14:02 UTC

Hello, I had this account for a while but I was too shy to actually introduce myself. I'm not sure what to make my username (I may change it in the future). It was supposed to go with my sibling Thunder. I have been reading too many PPC fiction and then reading more badfic for no reason other than to go insane. I found the PPC from my sibling Thunder and realizing it was incredibly similar to something I wrote in my own story, but as I came up with that semi independently, it operates differently and I'll never be posting that story. I fandom a bunch of random works, but sadly that does not include LOTR and Harry Potter, the continua with the most badfics. I mostly do Warrior Cats and Wings of Fire, but I can read basically anything so long it isn't something I tried and stopped reading (Redwall). Anyways, looking forwards to the dragon plushie Thunder will give me. -Lightning3

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