Subject: re: interlude
Posted on: 2023-09-05 12:33:54 UTC

Aw, stupid classism making kids feel self-conscious over their hobbies! I’m glad Kaguya was able to overcome that fear eventually, and it’s cute that Momoka is largely responsible for that!

Rhythm games? Easy. Easy! You just need to let the beat inside you, let it flow out your fingers, there is nothing in the moment but you and the sound. EASY

There are a couple spots where you’ve used present-tense verbs, where I think the past tense would work better:
“I know you'd say that.”

“The first games I've ever played are rhythm games . . .”
“The first games I ever played were rhythm games . . .”

—doctorlit lets the rhythm into his heart, and sometimes kidneys

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