Subject: Beta Request
Posted on: 2023-09-07 01:04:35 UTC

Got a few pieces lying around ready for beta-ing - three, in fact!

The first of these is a leftover from my last beta request - a non-mission piece set around the late 2000's during the Mary Sue Invasion, featuring a misfit gang of Cafeteria workers. I tried to keep it lore-accurate to the time, though I'm not quite sure how successful I was. It's about 4500 words.

The second is a very, very late rewrite of my first piece of PPC writing, made for my permission request... over three years ago. Huh. Anyways, I realized I never quite canonized how my Agents met and wanted to do so. This one's right about 1000 words, so it's pretty short.

The third and last one is, funnily enough, a Badfic Games piece - I plan to publish it when they begin in its un-beta'd state, but I'm curious to see if this joke of an idea could actually work in the PPC setting. As such, I'm less worried about SPaG here than wording, flow, and general sense of character. It's also over 14500 words.

As per usual, don't feel obliged to do all of them if you don't want to. If you're feeling up to beta, you can contact me by email or on Discord.

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