Subject: Seconding this.
Posted on: 2024-05-06 09:28:33 UTC

I don't believe there is a "set" mood for the PPC, and I think it is brilliant all in itself because we have characters with all kinds of backstories, and fiction does have all kinds of balances between lighthearted and grimdark. So i believe you're golden in making a light-hearted one!

In fact, if there's something that is generally agreed upon here, is that the opposite - going too dark - is what doesn't really fit the PPC's scope. The TvTropes page is kind of an example of why: whoever originally created it years ago seems to have focused a lot on a couple spinoffs that were much darker (and violent) than the average, and I think I remember there was a bit of controversy where TvTropes staff saw following attempts at fixing that as maliciously trying to give a different image of the PPC (while they only had one facet of it talked about there.)

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