Subject: Character replacements
Posted on: 2008-06-26 02:27:00 UTC

How far does a canon have to be OOC before it counts as a totally different character?

I'm currently killing a Silmarillion Suefic in which a very unElven Sue goes after Maglor Fëanorion. In it, Maglor says such phrases as "They’re these three jewels that contain the light of the Two Trees or something like that. I don’t really care about them— I mean, they’re okay and all, but they’re just jewels...", "...Celegorm’s dog Huan keeps drinking out of the loo and it’s really annoying. That dog drives me nuts...", and, my favorite, "Sheesh, dude, calm down."

He also has a somewhat... unMaglory description: This guy was absolutely gorgeous. He had pale skin, fine, elegant features, and brilliant amber eyes that seemed to glow in the dim forest light. Oh, and he had amazing hair. I’d thought at first that it was plain dark brown, but on closer look it had some reddish highlights and nearly reached his waist. All in all, he was WAY hot.

He doesn't talk like the Eldar, he doesn't look like a Noldo, and he doesn't act like a Fëanorian- and the rest of his family's not much better. The way the Silm's written, though, characters are very open to interpretation. It never says he doesn't have amber eyes, and it never says his father doesn't look down on him, and it never says he doesn't use phrases like "Peace out". Still, judging by what we do know of him and his family, all these things are highly unlikely. How far does it go before I call character replacement and dispose of him, or will an exorcism/killing the Sue cover it? (I'd be recruiting if it's not the real Maglor, as I'm already taking his horse.)

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