Subject: Cassandra Aubrey and the Very Good Idea
Posted on: 2018-07-14 22:47:00 UTC

"Look, it's a really common tradition where I'm from."

"I don't care, Cass."

"But I thought you'd love to take part! You always say how much you're intrigued by my homefic, this is just what we do!"

"Yeah, intrigued. Right. Totally. Definitely not 'terrified' or 'horrified' or 'why is this bucket of crazy even like this'. Intrigued."

"Well, if that's how you felt, you should have said something before we started."

"It was a surprise! Which, gurl, you know darn well I don't like."

"This from the girl who planned my surprise birthday party."

"Hey, yo, don't try and make this complicated. It's super simple. I like planning surprises because I like being in control of a situation. When I'm not, I panic. You, on the other hand, love surprises, so I planned your birthday party."

"For four in the morning."

"What'd I just say about making this complicated?"

"... Fine."

The two surveyed the burning wreckage of the corridor. A skinny man with a mop rounded the corner, had a brief argument with a vending machine, and decided this was someone else's problem.

"Cass, your homefic doesn't really have a tradition of moulding fire with your bare hands, does it?"

"... Iiiiiiiiiiiit actually does."

"You're paying for my new wardrobe."

"D'you mean the clothes or the item of furniture?"

"Today. Sucks."

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