Subject: Out of the ashes of fanficLand... comes fanficWorld!
Posted on: 2012-09-26 21:09:00 UTC

Yes, due to the continuing Liechtensteinian occupation of our former home, the entire (surviving) staff of that popular website have moved here - to the new, shiny, up-to-date fanficWorld! Over the next few decades we'll be rolling out categories for ALL your favourite fandoms, starting with the most popular of all... the PPC!

So come one, come all! Make your profiles! Post your stories! Review your peers! And remember, it's not the spelling that counts - it's the ideas!

~The fanficWorld Admin

Or, in other words, and better-late-than-never... welcome to the PPC Badfic Contest 2012!

The rules... are simple. Forget everything you know about writing well - and then write a piece of PPC fanfiction. No Permission is required, and nothing that happens here is canonical. Oh, yes, and...

To be a fanwriter, you need to have a suitably fanthingish name. I'm JayBird, which is a bit on the tame side, but a trawl through the fanficLand archives will reveal some of the examples we've had before - and the types of stories they wrote, too.

Of course it's important to leave reviews for these stories - provided you do so in character. Again, check the back-catalogue for examples. And please remember - none of this is real! Flames are fine - they're encouraged - because it's not us doing (or getting!) the flames - its our fanthing other-selves, and they have no manners. ;)

On the technical side, please please please give the following:

-An author bio when you write your first story. (This includes people who took part in previous versions - you can keep the name, but I do need a new bio).

-A suitably bad title for your story/ies. Chapter titles are good too.
-A genre or two.
-A rating (we use the G/PG/PG-13/R/M system).

-Website-related feedback. This thing didn't exist three days ago, so I'm fully expecting bugs. This can be out-of-character.

On that note, fanficWorld does use Javascript, so if you don't, you're out of luck. And, um, since I haven't said this - there's no way for anyone other than me to edit the site. All posting should be done to the PPC Posting Board - stories, bios, reviews, the lot. I'll get it on the website as and when I can (for archive purposes, basically).


Ummm so hi tehre guys and gurls! My namme is JayBird and i am the CREYATOR of te AWSOME Jaycacia Thornbyrd! Ifff you'v read my storis before yu will kno that Jaycacia has an NEW UNIFNISHED STORY calle Sweat, Blood and Tears. Well ummm you are inn for a tree! Iwill be FINISHHIN taht story TIHS YEER!!!!!!! So WAHCH OUT!


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