Subject: To ask multiple, tenuously related questions...
Posted on: 2019-10-24 11:17:03 UTC

Four things:

First, to begin on a light note, can the Board still generate minis (and NM&NMs, I suppose)? The new editing option allows mistakes to be corrected, but the original post is still there, so you could argue that it still counts.

Second, would it be possible for me to get a text copy of the post metadata for the archives (in order for me to extract detailed statistics about posting patterns, and so on)? What I mean is subject line, author name, timestamp, post id, and id of the post being replied to, in text form, for the entire archives, with or without the contents of the posts. Is this possible?

Third, in the process of digging through the archives, I found an interesting idea which seems to have fizzled out. In this subthread from 2014, Huinesoron proposed an alteration to the Permission system which seems to have been received positively. Would it be possible to implement that? I didn't really see much negative reaction to the idea, and it seems like it would encourage more first-mission writing and betaing.

Fourth, it seems like we're getting a lot of returnbies; as many as four in the last week, depending on definition. There are a lot of contact details for Boarders who have drifted away lying around, and some Boarders surely have more; would it be a good idea to send everyone we can reach one email about the impending closure of the YourWebApps Board, so they can say a few words?

(I was going to put some informative trivia after this, but I decided that would probably be best done separately.)

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