Subject: Some equally tenuous answers.
Posted on: 2019-10-24 11:43:23 UTC

1/ Of course it can! Ye can take our Board, but ye can never take our minis!

2/ Hello! The original Archives are in spreadsheet format, with all that information in easily copyable columns. (There's also archives from before Tomash's archives begin, mostly of subject lines.)

3/ The response was favourable mostly among people who are no longer around, many of whom never sought Permission (I have a spreadsheet for that too!). Neshomeh and PoorCynic, the other two serving PGs in the thread (PC wasn't at the time but became one; Kaitlyn is a PG but has never acted in that capacity) expressed serious reservations.

And... well, if you spent a month writing a mission, brought it to the Board, and then PG!hS said 'this demonstrates that you have no understanding of the PPC, throw it out and start from scratch', would you actually do that?

Also! The reason for the current fairly rigid Permission system is that people kept bouncing in and saying 'my writing sample is a poem!' 'my writing sample is this dark snufffic!' &c &c. We needed to give people some guidance on what to write, so we said 'write something PPC'.

And then every single person wrote My Agent Being Recruited, which was so spectacularly repetitive. So the prompt system was invented to give them some actually interesting ideas.

This probably isn't relevant, but it was very frustrating. :) I think the point I was angling for is that we're not actually super rigid; if someone pops up with a non-prompt example of their writing that encapsulates the PPC perfectly, I suspect it would be accepted.

EDIT: Though all of this relies on people actually requesting permission to write for the PPC... I think the last one we had was in July? It's not exactly a flourishing business.

4/ Unfortunately a lot of people have left for specific reasons, rather than drifting away. Social media posts about it are fine (I've done Facebook and LJ myself), and people telling their friends is fine, but mass emailing is probably a bad idea.


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