Subject: Anathem
Posted on: 2019-11-21 23:34:24 UTC

"The wood of the Arban page-tree is rather difficult to obtain. The tree itself does not provide many suitable pieces of wood because it was engineered to support large leaves. To compensate for this, a larger proportion than usual of page-trees is capable of producing wand-wood, possibly due to the intent behind their creation. The largest problem, however, is that these trees are grown in concents, where unexpected tree trimming, if noticed, would cause considerable alarm and potentially breach multiversal security.

"With the help of a former resident, however, I was able to take suitable wood from a pile of trimmings at Savant Rambraf's in the 2600s. The wands crafted from this wood appear to favor academics and others who want to push the boundaries of magical theory and practice (in other wards, Ravenclaws and Unspeakables). These wands are particularly suited to experimental spellcasting and, unsurprisingly, spells for creating records. One flaw in these wands is that they can be inconsistent at times - the power, or, in rare cases, effect, of a spell will occasionally vary for unclear reasons. " - Maybe future!Henry & Peregrin, who knows?

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