Subject: PPC 2019 Census Announcement
Posted on: 2019-11-22 17:20:30 UTC

It is time... ahem has been time for quite a bit now for this year's Census. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: Every year in September, I put up a questionnaire for the PPC asking some questions, like age, fandoms, writing activity, etc; and since it is September 83rd and several people poked me on Discord, I probably should get going on that.


Now, last year, I asked for questions you'd like added to it. As a result, the census got very long (I think the one last ear was over 80 questions), and I'd like to reduce that length. That's why I'm asking both for questions you'd like added, and for questions that really aren't all that useful anymore.

Personally, I'd like to remove the question asking for your name on here. The reason is that it can be possible to derive who gave some answers in some cases. Currently, this is not the case for the "Sexuality", "Gender", or "Where do you live?" questions. It is however the case for the questins that list answers, such as "fandoms", "lust objects", and some of the questins regarding criticisms of the PPC, although participation was low enough in their case that the problematicness is a bit limited.


PS: 2017 answers 2018 answers

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