Subject: I have three resolutions
Posted on: 2019-12-30 03:10:12 UTC

  1. Do not create any drama

What I mean is that I don’t want to get into any conflicts with anyone in the PPC. This is very important to me.

  1. Be the best patrol leader that I can be.

I am a scout for at least two years now, and I have a leadership position in my troop. I want to be competent in my role, because I have wanted be one since my first year. Besides, the troop needs good leaders.

  1. Try to get permission

My least important goal. This may be my only free time to start writing, before the O levels and other things that would happen eventually. Still, it won’t be very easy for me, because I swear I’ll get nightmares. Trying to explain this would be overly complicated, so it’s best to put this aside for now.

Besides, trying to get permission won’t be easy, at all.


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