Subject: Could it be? Yes, I'm still at it. A new crazy, multi-chapter story from me.
Posted on: 2020-01-18 22:23:37 UTC

So, yeah. I've done it. I've chased the wrong plot bunny and it brought me back here.

This story isn't really a normal PPC story, as the PPC dosn't feature much in it (for a reason you'll understand later) but it is still set in the PPC multiverse and is a direct sequel to my main spinoff. However, it si kind of a non-canon sequel, as... well, if this plot was canon there would be no PPC mission set after summer 2014 HST. It is an alternate timeline both to PPC canon and to my secondary spinoff set in 2034 HST. Why?

2014 HST. The unthinkable has happened. World 1 somehow managed to wipe itself out, and the plot continuum unraveled. A single universe survived, a conglomeration of the scraps that survived the collapse. A world without authors, where canon, fanon and original are now meaningless terms.

As usual, constructive criticism is welcome. Also, this is not a proper return - I'm still considering myself an outsider. But with the kind of story I'm doing and the setting I'm using, you are its natural audience. However, I'd recommend commenting not here but on the chapter itself - it should allow to do so even without an account. Discussion can still happen here, but I can't promise I'll take part in it.

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