Subject: Task Force Ash
Posted on: 2020-01-20 13:43:03 UTC

So, this is a crossover stu-fic from the Pokémon/Call Of Duty category:

One of my collegues over on Library of the Dammed- Zeus Killer Productions- is currently riffing this. The author and I also had a altercation over PM, which resulted in him throwing a hissy fit and saying “ok, boomer” to me.

Basically, the syory can be summarized as this:

  • Ash Ketchum is recruited into TF 141 at the ripe age of 16, and is then promoted to major in only two years. Not only does this contradict the fact that the US military only allows 18 year olds to enlist, but becoming a staff officer in two years flat is downright inprobable, bordering on impossible.

  • He returns to his friends and family after two years as the head of TF 141. In this time, he’s made all the female soldiers in his task force part of a harem, had sexual relations with one of his Pokémon, become the ideal version of the marine copypasta, and basically become so removed from his canon characterization that he might as well be a different character.

  • His soldiers act like complete unproffessional morons; and are also tsken out of character (a feat in its own right comsidering the blandness of most campaign characters on most of CoD’s various installments). One becomes a Poképhilliac, another basically bars Ash’s own mother from seeing him; and the maturity level of the protagonists is downright highschoolish.

  • Ash threatens to shoot one of his oldest friends if she ever tries to come near him again. He also threatens his mother. Basically, he burns all the bridges.

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