Subject: There sure is!
Posted on: 2020-02-03 14:30:13 UTC

This should be the correct link--I'm guessing Markdown formatting ate the one SRPA posted, judging by the italics. Hopefully it won't touch this one; if it does (honestly, I'm kind of curious), I'll edit it into hyperlinked text, which should be fine. (ETA: Yup, that's exactly what happened. Hyperlinked text it is. The formatting guide will show you how, under 'links'.)

Welcome! We share a handful of fandoms (at second glance, it looks like that covers almost everything you've listed by name, wow), but I'm going to go Hamilton! because it's been on my mind a bit lately. Re: Elisabeth, I haven't seen it, but I know a tiny bit about it because of (a currently mostly inactive Boarder named) Lily Winterwood.

At any rate: have the (hopefully working) link and a bar of Swiss Bleepolate! Hope you have a good time here.


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