Subject: Tangential explainer on links
Posted on: 2020-02-05 18:34:08 UTC

Just including links in your post, like doesn't work here

The reason for this is that, unlike on the old Board, we tell Google to follow our links (so it finds things like missions). The downside to that policy, as I learned mid-last year, is that if you have a thing you can chuck links into and get them indexed by Google, it'll get used by spammers (which, given that that this is the Board and not free advertising space for Dr. McSketchpill's Canadian pharmacy, we don't want).

However, spammers are opportunistic, and so don't usually go through the bother of checking the link syntax of the place they're spamming. At best, they try the way it worked on old forums, [url=http;//]words[/url], which isn't how it works here either.

Here, there's two ways to make a link

  • <a href="">words</a> gives words
  • [words]( gives words as well

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