Subject: Funnily enough, same here.
Posted on: 2020-03-17 11:24:21 UTC

I'd read PPC stories for years without ever trying to look for the Board (maybe I didn't know it was a thing? I don't know. I was also active in a bunch of other forums at the time; maybe that's why). Back in something like December 2012 I thought, ooh, what if I can track down the 2-3 remaining semi-active members of the PPC to ask if I could do an outtake involving PPC agents for my Mary-Sue parody fic? That'd be awesome!

And then I found something like a hundred members, and eventually said hello, and then someone made the mistake of asking me if I planned to try for Permission and the plotbunnies attacked. With gusto. They have yet to let go of me, and I made a few friends along the way (...though, admittedly, the closest ones aren't all still might eventually come back to the Board, though), so here I still am!


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