Subject: XD Scape, that first sentence.
Posted on: 2020-03-18 07:51:07 UTC

And then, and then "don't come crying to me, it's your own fault."

Listen, I've started commenting without even having read half of this yet. That's how amused I am.

mammoth, as befitted her standing in the community;


...soft and squishy tusks? A, that's inherently an odd mental image when combined with a live mammoth (okay, turns out they're all stuffed animals, but I started off thinking otherwise, so interesting mental images), but b, aw, child-safe mammoth!

One Cat Snarking :D

Okay, I've finished reading now. Very cute :) Also, is the yarn ring Cal's/a gift from Cal?


PS: This has slight Velveteen Rabbit vibes. Very slight, and it's a reverse of that story if anything, but I love(d) that book, and being slightly reminded of it is neat.

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