Subject: My two plot bunny ideas
Posted on: 2020-03-19 10:18:07 UTC

Plot bunny #1: A Warframe movie adaptation. In this film, the Grineer want to invade Fort Knox so that they can use the gold for their machinery. The Writers should definitely forget that they have created multiple plot holes and timeline errors. The Lotus learns of this and she personally selects three teenagers to wear Warframe suits in order to fight the Grineer. Obviously they will have a showdown in New York’s Time Square, just like any other generic video game movie.

It will definitely please fans(even though Warframe is rated M) and their parents at the same time.

Plot bunny #2: A romance film involving a question mark, who wants to be loved. As always in modern romance stories, they will be a love triangle involving the girl, question mark and an exclamation mark. The question mark character should be misunderstood as “aggressive”, but he’s just “protective” of the girl, while the Exclamation is meant to be hated and bashed because he’s such a “jock”.

This poorly written story will definitely show that the question mark character is definitely not a Gary Stu.


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