Subject: How I Learned About the PPC
Posted on: 2020-05-01 16:09:07 UTC

The following sequence has been slightly dramatized.

It was just a normal day, when I was scrolling around TV Tropes, and I was scrolling through the TV Tropes Pantheon and I saw the Protectors of the Plot Continuum. Now, I have a thing for metafiction and the like, and that title sounded nice. So, I read a little about the PPC. I thought to myself, Wow, that looks really cool! I want to read those stories! But there was no link to the stories (and I thought the PPC just had a couple of authors who would keep all the stories in one place)! So, I embarked on an epic journey to locate the PPC stories. I found them on the wiki, where I got a good grasp of what this whole thing is, exactly. Yesterday, I found out there was a posting board. Yes! I thought as I signed up. So here I am. My next steps are to join the discord, read more missions, get to know everyone, and eventually, once I’m ready, ask for permission.

After checking my SPaG on this post, I’m realizing that a) this is about as long as, if not longer than, my original post, and b) I probably shouldn’t have everything in that huge paragraph, but, then again, it’s not like I’m writing a mission right now or something.

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