Subject: Hey there!
Posted on: 2020-05-01 18:14:21 UTC

Ooh, it's nice to see people joining us! Welcome!

I remember once obsessing over Minecraft. I still kind of do now, but I've basically quit upon realizing the level my eyesight has gotten to (very bad). Not that it made any difference considering the time I spend on the internet everyday (all the time)... and I had this whole castle and garden planned out on paper that I think would work really well in creative mode too...

Aaaanyways –––––––––––––

I would say I am (or at least was) familiar with PJO and HOO, and I've read the first book of the Kane Chronicles. PJO is actually some of the first English books I've read (I moved to the US from China back in elementary school), so it's pretty special to me.

So yay again for joining us, and I hope you enjoy your time here:)

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