Subject: Well I've been here a while (Boardiversary!)
Posted on: 2020-06-15 07:57:40 UTC

So a couple of weeks ago in the Discord we were discussing when we joined the PPC and I ended up scrolling through the old posts because I couldn't remember exactly when I'd joined. Turns out I joined 11th July 2013, so I've been here for just over 7 years now. Who'd of thunk it?

Funny thing was that I'd planned this post to go out on the 11th and to make a little song and dance of it. And then completely forgot.

Anyway, this wasn't the only reason why I wanted to post. Lately I've been thinking about reviving my weekly writing prompts that I used to put up as a way of getting people to write stuff on the Board, it didn't have to be PPC-related, and it didn't really have a time limit on it. I guess I'm just trying to gauge people's interest in such a thing (although it'll probably become a monthly release of multiple prompts rather than a couple every week).

Nova Who's now feeling older than he should.

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