Subject: It would if you got your act together. ;)
Posted on: 2020-06-18 16:50:59 UTC

But so far, you've founded four cities in the mountains to the west, attacked Scapegrace, taken one of her cities, culturally absorbed one of PC's, and then lost both to Scape's cultural pressure.

All while fending off vast hordes of barbarian horsemen coming in from the western mountains. I assume they were Ypurs.

You also founded Catholicism, so I think you're out to convert the world to the worship of the Gods of Wechi-Ah. (Though... Wikia is gone now, as are Sean and Tamara. I think Plort is due for a religious shakeup.)

Now, if Kaitlyn makes a go of it in Central Wechi, we might see exactly what you're talking about. But who knows if that'll happen...


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