Subject: Requesting the Legendarification of "My Inner Life"
Posted on: 2020-06-23 15:46:47 UTC

Because I've asked before at least twice, and people haven't actually been against the idea; it's just been buried by other topics.

So: I contend that My Inner Life is a Legendary Badfic. Looking at the formal requirements:

1/ It was written in the early 2000s, so easily old enough.

2/ With such a generic title it's hard to pin it down in Google searches, but:

a) Its Fanlore article tops the Google hits for unquoted my inner life for the past year.

b) Without a year restriction, the entire first page of hits for unquoted my inner life is about the fic.

c) Searching for "My Inner Life" "Link's Queen" in the past year produces at least five hits, despite being extremely strict.

3/ I think My Inner Life has maintained its 'popularity' more than LQ's rants have (though the latter are still hilarious, AND HAVE BEEN FROM THE GECKO).

4/ I mean... it's been killed by the PPC. I think we can assume it's bad.

Taking more empirical evidence:

5/ It's still one of the four original Legendary Badfics.

6/ It has its own wiki, a detailed Fanlore article, and a TVTropes article. They use words like 'infamous', 'most memorable', and 'one of the greatest pieces of 21st century literature'. (^_~)

7/ It has been endlessly reposted, MSTed, and dramatically recorded. There's even a fan-comic.

8/ There are at least two non-PPC references straight-up calling it a legendary badfic: TVTropes and this fanfic on AO3. Given that we appropriated the term from wider fandom, I think the fact that it's still in use for MIL - despite the fact that most Google hits for "legendary badfic" nowadays are PPC-related - has relevance.

Please can we add it to the list so I don't have to worry about it any more? :( ;)


EDIT: And just after posting, I found the objection... it's on the Wiki talk page, where Iximaz is worried that a) it would look like she's Legendary-grabbing, and b) that it wasn't killed as a Legendary. I hope the fact that it's not her doing the asking will address the first point; as for the second, the only mention of 'legendary' in my 'legolas by laura' mission is qualified by 'practically', and the mission is hilariously short. So is Clbr__n, for that matter. ~hS

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