Subject: You know, what this suggests to me...
Posted on: 2020-06-25 11:01:21 UTC Baron hS being mostly just offended that Ozerbord has pretty much slipped through his fingers for some reason. Maybe it broke up into smaller pieces (towns, farms cities? Not completely sure what category Ozerbord as a whole falls under, and I'm on mobile, so I'm not going to look it up right now, especially as it's not vital to my point) and then just kind of fell apart/the people moved away?

I don't know. Hopefully that helps spark something, or is at least briefly amusing :)

...come to think of it:

-Borrd is falling apart for some reason. Conquering? Moving? Polytheistic style war amongst the gods? -Baron hS steps in to come to the rescue with Ozerbord somehow. -It turns out that, actually, Ozerbord is very quickly leaving the picture. Baron hS is Not Pleased. -A new plan is made and put into effect. Sir Thoth sits in the meetings making funny comments? -Baron Na'Shirah tries to stay as far away from it all as she can, and mostly just makes some preparations on her own lands and maybe gives an opinion here and there--IRL I remember mostly just speaking up when we were deciding the URL name, and making some plans for new posts or something. Also checking the Old Board a lot and somewhat excitedly figuring out what was different about the New Board and generally liking it. It has posts from more than a couple years ago. That's still pretty cool.


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