Subject: Thanks for answering
Posted on: 2020-06-28 18:52:51 UTC

Personally, I feel that making exceptions of which races are fine to make jokes about defeats the point in not discriminating by race. Not in a "I'll joke about every race!" way but in a "I'm not going to joke about any race" way. Also, I'm a bit concerned you mentioned the Karens specifically being white as though their race was relevant and as though there aren't Karens who aren't white.

This isn't to say that making fun of Karens is anywhere close to the level of jokes directed at people who aren't white, just to say setting those kind of double standards (more specifically exceptions) is a bad habit I personally think we should avoid.

If everyone's making fun of Karens, I'd only make fun of them for their behaviour, not because most of them are white.

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  • Hear, Hear! by on 2020-06-27 13:56:40 UTC Reply

    Seconding all of this. ^

  • My take by on 2020-06-26 12:06:23 UTC Reply

    As a frequent joker about christianity, I adhere to the same general rule as "the straights are at it again" jokes: there is a difference between the majority, who are just trying to live their lives, and The Majority(tm), who are nffholes about it. Said distinction is implicit in jokes at the expense of The Majority(tm), and no offense to the majority is intended. (I hope that makes some kind of sense, I just woke up.)

    If I was ever unclear about this I really do apologize.