Subject: Well...
Posted on: 2020-07-12 10:52:23 UTC

Bringing it to an end might be difficult, given a number of the authors and characters involved are no longer active/retired/out of continuity/not currently active. In theory, there could maybe be a sequel event, or else maybe finishing the original with the people/characters still around+newer Boarders and characters (the latter of which would presumably have to have been in the PPC in 2015 in-universe, or else find a plausible way to get there)? But straight up finishing it in a way that wraps up every single thread from the original would be impossible.

Past that, of course, it's down to things like interest and what people think of the various possibilities (specifically: should we to begin with? The Boarder who set up the event has since left the PPC and removed her agents and stories from continuity. There may well also be some swaps where one character's author is currently active and the other's isn't). (Also, whose are/were Agents Sax and Day? I can't find other references to them on the Wiki.)

~Z, who nearly just went old-school by accident and signed as ~DF

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