Subject: It could probably be capped off & published.
Posted on: 2020-07-13 10:00:47 UTC

Looking at the original proposal, the plan was for the RP to be three sections:

1/ CHAOS. This part went really well; it's a huge sprawl of an RP thread, but I think we kept it fairly well threaded; someone could put it all together if they wanted.

2/ Device Hunt. There were meant to be lots of teams hunting, but mine was the only one that took off. I think people enjoyed the chaos more than the solutions. Let's see... the team was me, doctorlit, and Pippa's Ghost. Pippa is long since gone, but I have semi-adopted her characters (because Hild hangs out with Maethorwen and Jareth as part of Team Formerly Saruman's Minions). So we could theoretically finish up the Quest for the Aromatherapist or whatever was going on there.

3/ DoSAT fixing stuff. Assuming Team Kayleigh were the ones to find the Device, and somehow random-walked it to DoSAT, this could be written by anyone with DoSAT agents active in 2015, with some input from me, doc, and anyone who wants their agents to have been involved. It might even work as an RP? I don't know.

The big problems I can see:

1/ Even if the characters are available, their bodies might not be. Looking through Team Kayleigh:

-Kayleigh seems to be in her own body - fine. -Salamander is in JF's body - not fine, her author doesn't want her agents used at all. But... he also doesn't appear to be part of the mission. I think Kayleigh forgot about him. -Jareth and Kyaris are sharing the body of Bosh and Guk, a two-headed troll belonging to Darkotas - not fine, seeing as they were major participants -Yoof is in Aaron Hunter's body, an agent belonging to Tira - I assume Tira has left? I don't think I've seen them for ages. -Hild is in Printworthy's body, a pony belonging to World-Jumper - again, I think Jumper is gone? -bjam is in Maethorwen's body, which is fine.

Since both the troll and pony bodies are written about several times, it would be pretty obvious if we suddenly started ignoring them.

2/ The other issue... the RP was started by someone who doesn't want to be associated with the PPC. I don't know how the ethics shake out if we finish a story she started, even if we don't use her agents at all.


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