Subject: I'm just gonna... Ramble a bit.
Posted on: 2020-09-30 17:54:10 UTC

Waku taught me to scream for what sings in my heart

Kodama taught me that cruelty doesn't pay

Kako taught me how important it is to destress

Chizu taught me that revenge is bittersweet

Daichi taught me that a loving family is the greatest of treasures

Nakama taught me that humble beginnings beget noble hearts

Moji taught me that life rises like the phoenix

Maki taught me to love as fiercely as I want to fight

Kirie taught me that sometimes the little things matter most

Anko taught me that the truth will set me free

Komoda taught me the price of power

Kanji taught me that the blood of the covenant and the blood of kinship are the same thickness

Yoko taught me that the only thing that's beyond redemption is not caring enough to seek it

Jun taught me to draw strength from those who came before me

Kana taught me that love is stronger than death

Bokurano taught me the true meaning of valor

Bokurano taught me how much a moment's kindness can matter

Bokurano taught me that innocence is fleeting

Bokurano taught me to cherish every moment like my last

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