Subject: In similar vein...
Posted on: 2020-09-30 20:46:06 UTC

Dave Lister taught me that being a good person is more important than being a successful one

Arnold Judas Rimmer, BSC taught me that sometimes the only person to blame is yourself

The Cat taught me that the pursuit of what makes you happy shouldn't be the only thing that informs your personality

Kryten-2X4B-523P taught me that rebelling against programming is vital to becoming a truly good person

Holly taught me that you can transition at any time, always, no matter what you looked like before

Ace Rimmer taught me that bravery and nobility can come from the most unlikely sources

Camille taught me that trying to be what other people think you are will only ever make you miserable

Paranoia taught me not to listen to my paranoid ramblings, that my brain would sometimes try to hurt me through them.

Confidence taught me not to always listen to my gut and to think situations through before they blow up in my face

Kristine Kochanski taught me that falling out of love with someone is just as valid and acceptable as falling in love with someone

Red Dwarf taught me that the future isn't going to be Star Trek style shiny chrome wonderment

Red Dwarf taught me that the future won't be better for everyone

Red Dwarf taught me that the only people who can change that are ourselves

Red Dwarf taught me that slaving away at a job you hate is not noble, it's just tiring

Red Dwarf taught me that idleness is not the sin that it is constantly made out to be by people who want you to do more work for them

Red Dwarf taught me to be better

Thanks, smegheads.

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