Subject: Hi, I'm Alyx
Posted on: 2020-10-12 15:43:31 UTC

Hi, I'm Alyx, author of the Omegaverse stories (they may be badfics, though I'm not sure - will plug them later if anyone wants to do a mission on them) and am friends with a semi-famous author on Wattpad, Gore_Jus, who is the creator of the Emethyst's Journey series (which is VERY much a goodfic, 9/10 would recommend despite very infrequent grammatical errors.) I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball, Madoka Magica (something I'm afraid is hardly touched on in the PPC AFAIK, despite the high potential for Suvian characters due to the concept of Incubators granting wishes - something that is all too easy to play horribly if you don't give characters their downfall as the Faustian-style contract demands), Crusader Kings (not much fanfic here, but AARs could count, I guess), Ace Attorney, Undertale (oh dear gods, how many badfics does this fandom have?), and Helltaker (fortunately, it's a fairly new fandom, so there isn't much to cover.)

I'm also a Christorian, and while there isn't much positivity to it, there might be a chuckle or two had at the comic characters' expense (at least when they aren't doing NSFB stuff. Sonichu is hilariously bad, but it's naturally NSFB.)

EDIT: Adding links to the fics I mentioned: Omegaverse fanfic:

Emethyst's Journey, Part 1:

Emethyst's Journey, Part 2:

There's a crossover of the two planned, but she's been severely off-schedule.

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