Subject: Clarifying
Posted on: 2020-10-21 04:16:43 UTC

I was under the impression Sonichu's author was known to have a severe mental illness, and that was the reason the comic was off-limits. Is that impression not correct?

Thing is, I think most writers identify strongly with their creations, especially writers of self-inserts. But, by and large, if we're considered old enough to post stuff on the Internet without a parent's oversight (i.e. at least 13), we're expected to be mature enough to learn how to distance ourselves from our work in order to respond to criticism, positive or negative, with objectivity. (Or, let's be real, how to get the excited squealing and ego-stroking or the wailing and gnashing of teeth out of our systems, then to have a think, then to respond with objectivity.) If over-identification were the only reason Sonichu got a pass, it wouldn't exactly be fair to, er, pretty much everyone whose stories we've sporked? Or even properly reviewed negatively?


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