Subject: This is a good answer.
Posted on: 2020-11-18 15:37:49 UTC

I don't want to step on your toes; just to add that the wiki also covers this question in more detail in various relevant articles. Specifically, I'd start with the YKINMK article and the Slash-Sporking Guide (even if you don't intend to spork slash).

I also want to highlight Trojie's fifth ground rule:

5. Try to avoid sporking something you wouldn't read if it were written well. This is a rule I've come up with only in the last few years, and for one reason: if you don't like the subject matter, why are you so upset it's been done wrong? In fact, if you aren't a habitual reader of similar things, how do you even know it has been done wrong? I tell myself this so as to avoid sporking things because of any internal prejudices or biases I might have.

In this case, I think "don't like, don't read" may justly apply. If you're not into stories about romance and/or sex, that's okay! There's no reason to force yourself to read things that hold zero appeal for you. Granted, it's hard to find fic with zero romance—and believe me, this annoyed the heck out of me as a younger ace person, so I sympathize—but you can still avoid things that are rated R, M, NSFW, lemon, or anything else suggesting that there will be actual sex.

For myself, my feelings have mellowed and transformed to the point where I can enjoy well-written sex scenes (and enjoy laughing at badly written ones), but that's not to say yours will, or should. There's no reason to force it.


P.S. Devs, if you're reading, can we make the blockquote style less in-your-face? The bold and large font is a bit much, which is why I copied Thoth and styled the quote this way instead.

P.P.S. Edited to fix a link.

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