Subject: My approach
Posted on: 2020-11-18 22:36:31 UTC

I have been known to enjoy a good NSFW fic from time to to time. But my guide to quality assessment for any sort of spork is more or less as follows:

  • Is it going to be fun to spork? It really, really doesn't matter how bad a piece of NSFW fic is if the resultant mission wouldn't be entertaining to read. Personally, I think that pure squick usually goes beyond the point at which missioning is entertaining. The flaws have to be something you can make enjoyable to mission.

  • What's the intent of the fic? You need to understand where a fic is coming from to do a mission properly. "This fic has a really terrible plot" is perfectly reasonable criticism of a fic with aspirations to telling a meaningful story, less so if the intent is just to have some NSFW fun. On the flip side, if the sex elements are the focus, it's a more important to get them right then it would be if the fic's elements there were more token.

  • The most important question: Do I buy it? An NSFW fic could be perfectly technically executed, but it will all fall flat if I am unconvinced by the events thst are occurring. If I don't believe that these characters would act this way, that is, to my mind, the ultimate failure. A fic like that would be ill-suited to missioning unless you had a really strong approach, but it's usually a strong factor in my assessment of any fic. Fanfiction is about existing characters, and if you're trying to tell me that a character is Harry Potter when it blatantly isn't... well, I'm not exactly buying into your fiction.

This is a big failure in a lot of AU fic, which tends to tack the character names and descriptions of onto the same set of tired archetypes and spit out a bland generic story of the sort that could be found in a bargain bin somewhere. It's not so much giving us a new take on the characters as it is steamrolling everything that makes those characters themselves out of them.

Which brings us to ABO, something I deeply and truly loathe with the burning passion of a thousand sons. Fighting Space Wolves. Shockingly, good (or at least decent) ABO is possible, but the concept is deeply and fundamentally flawed, and it is painful to watch characters I like stuffed into 50s gender role nonsense except it's gay now so that's fine.

Sorry, had to get that out. The point is, good NSFW fic is well-written, believable, and accomplishes whatever it sets out to do, like all good fiction. Bad NSFW fic does... like, the opposite of that.

(as a sidenote I only used code for quotes because I didn't realize there was a blockquote. I thought > quoting would work, as it does in a lot of markdown. But it does not.)

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