Subject: I've started writing a thing!
Posted on: 2021-03-09 15:56:29 UTC

I know, I start writing things fairly often and rarely finish them... but this time I'm gonna stick with it, promise. I've been watching a lot of shounen anime lately, and I blame them forming an unholy fusion with men's dress clothes and the PPC in my mind for the inspiration behind this story. The title: Ivory Tower Book Club. The premise: a young girl looking for friends stumbles into an overdressed, crime-fighting book club with supernatural abilities and a floating skull for a mascot. Sounds like a bit much? That's the aim! This is my first time writing PPC-style absurd comedy in a non-PPC original setting, and I'd really appreciate feedback on it. All I've got so far is a short intro chapter, but the first chapter proper is in the works. Until then, you can view what I've got so far here.

Merry reading!

~Oculus, having the time of their life with this story

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