Subject: PPC Citation Needed Strikes Agaaain!
Posted on: 2021-03-13 01:21:00 UTC

Over in the Discord, that wretched hive of scum and memery, we like to take a break now and again from chatting and posting cursed foodstuffs to play a game called Citation Needed. Those of you familiar with Tom Scott's channel will know it, of course; it's a panel game about strange Wikipedia articles, wherein the points theoretically matter but definitely play second fiddle to the panelists having a laugh. Recently, we recorded two more episodes, which I shall post here for your listening pleasure. If you'd like to listen to the other episodes, they're available here - just follow the links.

It's worth mentioning that there is Strong Language Throughout and NSFW Themes feature heavily.

Do give them a listen! We here at Scapegrace's Stupid Projects Towers work hard to make things for people to enjoy, so please leave a comment - even if it's just "Why are those sheep glowing in the dark?" or "How did it feel to get worse marks in your degree than a dog?" or "Are you sure the British rail transport network doesn't secretly plan to conquer space?". On a more serious note, myself and the people on the panels put a lot of work into these, so it'd be nice to see what you all think of them. =]

Episode 8: Charles Osmond Frederick and Thomas The Nuclear Power Plant (starring Thoth, Mattman The Comet, and Granz)

Episode 9: Dwile Flonking and Medieval Red Solo Cups (starring Good Mod Addict, Horvat, and Tomash)

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