Subject: ...I definitely misread that as "carbs" and was about five seconds away from sharing a bagel recipe.
Posted on: 2021-03-15 09:29:52 UTC

(ETA: Bagel-adjacent, really, for clarity, but that's apparently too long for the title.)

Also, crab in oranges? Oranges? I'm a bit afraid to look. Of course, orange chicken is a thing, but I'm kind of picturing crab meat cooked with orange juice in some way and then stuffed into orange rinds, and--

You know what, I'm going to look.

...what the heck. Yuki, that looks like some kind of orange-crab jelly stuffed into a decoratively cut orange rind! What is that? How is that a thing? Why crab in that situation, specifically? Fruit I could understand, but shellfish?

The others look refreshingly normal :P Nice photography. To be fair, the orange one is also photographed nicely; I just can't help but boggle a bit and wonder about its history.

~Z, who doesn't eat crab to begin with and has absolutely no desire to, but can apparently still be drawn in by misreading a word and getting somewhat morbidly curious about oranges in the mental image.

PS: Bublik recipe, with bonus history of bagels. Which have apparently been a thing since at least the very early 1600s?? Incredible. Disclaimer: I haven't tried this recipe myself, but I saw a photo from someone who had (that's where I got the link from) and they look great.

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