Subject: (( Is this an actual problem? ))
Posted on: 2021-04-01 21:23:47 UTC

Do I understand this right? Character A and Character B are in the DMS. They both signed up to to a job: assassinating Suvians. When it comes to the point of doing said job, Character A reveals they can't, and Character B has to do said job—which they both signed up for.

And... people are taking issue with Character A "forcing" Character B... into doing the job they signed up for? If so, I am very confused.

Granted, there are some things worth questioning here, like why Character A is even in the DMS if they have a known problem with assassinations, but this doesn't sound like Serious Moral Business to me. It sounds like the Flowers being terrible managers, as usual.

Also, before anyone thinks I'm making assumptions, I did read the scene in question. Yes, Tanner could have been more forthcoming, and yes, Kaito is angry and would have preferred things to go differently—but Kaito also literally says "I've got no problem doing it myself." Further, even if it wasn't brought up, there was a way out of the situation: calling for backup. There was time for that if Kaito had said he really wasn't ready; they weren't in the middle of capturing and charging, they were discussing how best to start. I don't see that anyone was forced into anything.


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