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Posted on: 2021-04-06 06:44:16 UTC

Charge lists must always be read before killing a Mary Sue, not afterward, though they can be read while a fatal injury or poison takes effect. The Mary Sue is required to be reasonably conscious at the time of the reading. The charge list must include "being a Mary Sue," which must be substantiated with other charges. Agents may only record charges they have actually witnessed—otherwise, they could just read the Words from the safety of their response center and there would be no point to going on missions at all.
Charge List § PPC Regulations

From this, I believe we may safely infer that these are the rules because Legal said so. Since Legal enforces the Narrative Laws, we may further infer that the in-universe reason agents must go on missions is the same as the meta reason: because otherwise there would be no story. {; P

(Note that the Wiki is not the ultimate source for anything, though; actual PPC stories are, especially the Original Series. Anything on the wiki is expected to have been drawn directly or by inference from stories.)

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