Subject: Re: . . . uh, epistolary . . . well, the thing I just read!
Posted on: 2021-05-17 17:58:10 UTC

Forgive me for a shorter review than usual, but uh, well. Romance and all that, not much to say on that front? And I also skipped the posts about Buffy to avoid spoilers. Sorry.

Some things I did enjoy: - the little running gags with the "J" and "J2," the "x"s towards the end, and the ever-increasing mountain of "re" in the subject lines - Jenni's list of HQ-themed come-on phrases. Both hilarious and cringey! - The 2018 video sliding back to 2013. I feel like, realistically, HQ must see a lot more future content appearing at any given moment than we're able to convey, because of the unstable time dimension and all. But alas, our writing is heavily reactionary, and it's hard to react to things we aren't aware of yet. : (

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a whole lot of song files to pirate and burn to a CD. Or rather multiple CDs, as that's quite a playlist you two threw together!


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