Subject: Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi(Roughly 'Cutting the Bonds of Hell')
Posted on: 2021-06-09 05:17:51 UTC

This is a bullet hell shmup that was released way back in 2003, and one of the characters(the game has an all-male cast, by the way), Lloyd Evansman, is strongly implied to have a male love interest.

More on the backstory: It's the year 2054, and global warming has caused the rise of sea levels all over the world, leading to territorial conflicts and eventually WW3. The four leading characters are part of a UN strike team tasked with destroying the evil EVAC Industries, which has been keeping the war going by selling weapons to every side of the conflict just so that they can sit on fat wads of cash. The problem is that the UN is not allowed to use military power to take down a private corporation, so the entire mission has to be kept a secret, which means the attack helicopters used in the mission, as well as its pilots and gunners, have to be destroyed to eliminate all evidence. The four characters who signed up for the mission will each be granted a single wish in exchange for their lives.

Tiger Schwert(Type A, Spread shot, slow moving speed and fast lock-on speed)

Alice Blackbarn(Pilot) -Yes, Alice is a guy. He infiltrated EVAC Industries as a UN spy and stole the blueprints for the two helicopters that you use throughout the game. Because of the battle that had ensued as he escaped EVAC Industries claimed the lives of many civilians, he decided to leave his brother Yuma Nanase in order to protect him from further danger. It's strongly implied that his wish was for Yuma's life to be spared.

Lloyd Evansman(Gunner) -Lloyd is a cold, ruthless man that does not care for the safety of his subordinates as long as the mission is a success. He loved another man, but the guy rejected/didn't realize Lloyd's love towards him. His last wish was for his love interest to be isolated for the rest of his life so that nobody else could have him.

Panzer Jaeger(Type B, Linear shot, fast moving speed and slow lock-on speed)

Steele Yurek(Pilot) -Steele is good with people and acts as a mentor figure to Yuma, but doesn't get along well with Evansman. He also doesn't believe in wearing shirts. He grew up in a country ravaged by war, and participated in guerilla activities as a child soldier, watching many of his companions die right before his eyes. He wished for his country to be liberated, so that everyone there could live peacefully.

Yuma Nanase(Gunner) -He's still a teenager, but was allowed to participate in the mission for his spirit and hardworking personality. However, he loathes his brother, believing that Alice abandoned him. He joined the military in order to 'get revenge' by surpassing his brother, even if it meant throwing away his life. He finally understands Alice's motives in the ending(which you'll probably need more than a few coins to see, considering the notorious difficulty level of the game), but it's obviously too late.

Yeah...Lloyd was something of a dick, but personally I like the game for the scoring system and the story. I also find it interesting that three of the characters' names were taken from the movie Black Hawk Down(Probably because of all the helicopters).

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