Subject: Oh I love that book!
Posted on: 2021-06-09 18:19:08 UTC

I have fanart and all.

Trying to remember if there's other instances of unexpected representation in the whole Eagle of the Ninth saga*...

*Sword at Sunset is part of a loose series, starting with Eagle of the Ninth. Eagle introduces Marcus Aquila, who during the book retrieves his father's emerald ring; every other book features one of his descendants still wearing that ring. Sword at Sunset is kind of off to the side: the ring-wearers (father and son) are soldiers under Artos, but not the focus of the story.

I think it's outside the Pride scope, but Sutcliff does have a number of disabled (usually "crippled") characters. Marcus, the protagonist of Eagle of the Ninth itself, is invalided out of the army and limps for the rest of his life - which is directly relevant to the plot at times. I can't remember any others specifically... similarly, I think there's a fair number of soldiers enjoying each other's company across the series, but don't remember specifics.

I dunno, I covered most of my actual thoughts in the subject line, this is just me justifying the existence of the post. :D


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