Subject: Hello, bonjour!
Posted on: 2021-07-20 21:05:25 UTC

OK, new Internet experience for me. Will it stick or not, I don't know. Anyway.

Hello, PPC community! I'm Pighead (tho, in Fandom, I have the name of "The Fountain" and I don't know how to change it, which is as embarrassing as this name itself...), I'm 21, I respond by "she/her" pronouns (even if "they/them" don't bother me, just no masculine pronouns) and I'm a French person. I write things since I'm 16, but many of my old stuff is extremely cringe-worthy (I got better, tho). I started writing in English since recently and even if it can be pretty clunky, I try my best.

I discovered the PPC for the first time by randomly discovering the TVTropes page for it and I thought the concept was pretty cool. I checked it several other times after, but hadn't really tried to know more about it. Until literally today, when I re-found it, decided to try... and I really loved it, because it's really the type of wacky, zany comedy (with healthy doses of action, drama and what-have-you) I want to write when it comes to fanfics.

I don't really know if I will write something: for now, I will mostly stick to reading and posting comments (I read many of the guides, Constitution included, have the Original Series to read and for the rest, I don't know because there's a shitton of things here). Oh, and I heard you have a Discord server, so maybe trying to join it.

For the rest, my favourite fictional universes, currently, are the Marvel and DC Universes (especially "Spider-Man", "Deadpool", "Avengers", "Batman"...), "Sonic the Hedgehog" (all the versions. Even the Fleetway one), "MLP: Friendship is Magic"... and my passions in life are writing, reading fanfics or webcomics, geeky stuff, wasting my time on TVTropes and discovering new pieces of fiction, listening to lots of music, watching dumb stuff on YouTube and being angry because my country is full of cretins. Oh, also, I do some Staff stuff on a site called "The SCP Wiki", you've probably heard of it.

Anyway, nice to meet you and I hope that, when I'll be ready, I could add something to this gigantic universe y'all have created!

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