Subject: Hey, no offense, but --
Posted on: 2021-08-18 23:57:37 UTC

"getting this Permission business out of the way" is not exactly a great look for Permission Givers when they do come by to look at your Permission request. Most PGs here that I am aware of are adults, and their jobs and families come before checking the Board. Telling them that you're in a rush to get Permission whilst demonstrating a lack of understanding of basic PPC concepts -- that the Words are what cause strange things to happen in missions, or what mini-Discords look like -- does not give the community much confidence that you understand what we're about.

It also took me two attempts to get Permission back in the day, and the second time very much coincided with school starting up again. I'm pretty sure at the time I was also just as impatient. But Permission does not expire with inactivity, so I'd recommend you sit back and take your time. Try reading through more missions and the Wiki and focus on your schoolwork. This Board is not going to grow legs and walk away if you stop posting on it -- I would know, since I keep dipping in and out of it with years of inactivity in between!

Please don't take this harshly. I'm sure you've got lots of ideas in store for when you get Permission, but looking impatient is really only going to make people more reluctant to give you what you want.

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