Subject: Haven't looked at the longer fic...
Posted on: 2021-08-21 20:51:48 UTC

...but "Of Spoons and Scones" certainly isn't badfic. It's a sweet little vignette. I can see a place to give gentle constructive criticism, but it's certainly not even mild badfic.

I'm also rather amused by the idea of Gandalf drinking his tea with a soup spoon, and how Bilbo isn't even remotely as bothered by the idea as some people he knows probably would be.

Funnily enough, I've actually written a similar sort of short fiction (flash fiction? I forget the exact definitions for that)--Bilbo translating "Gil-galad was an elven-King." Yours reminds me of it a little bit. It's here if you're curious, though, uh, obligatory disclaimer that I wrote and originally posted it back in 2010. Which is apparently eleven years ago now. Wowza.

Anyway. Good luck, I hope you get your classes sorted out without too much trouble, and don't worry too much about what you're writing. Pretty much everyone here has likely written both bad things and very silly things at some point. The important thing, really, is to continue to grow, as it is in most areas. If you end up writing something you later decide is badfic, that's okay! You got some writing practice, you did something fun/de-stressing, and now you get to choose what you want to do with it. Edit/rework it? Get Permission and send your agents into it? Put it away? Ask for concrit? Whatever you do with it, you'll be a little more practiced for having written it, and that's great. For both your creative and your academic writing, actually: an essay and a fanfic don't follow the same formats or conventions, most of the time, but being able to communicate an idea well is definitely a transferable skill. So, seriously, whatever you write? Especially since you're concerned with quality and improving as a writer and so on? It should be perfectly fine. Relax and have some fun with it. Whatever you think of it after, whatever feedback you get, it's good to keep writing, and, if you want the big picture, it's another step in your journey as a writer.

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