Subject: Alright, got it!
Posted on: 2021-10-24 22:21:33 UTC

Yeah, I have a run-on sentence problem, and a nasty habit of patching that up with em dashes. I cleaned the prompts up a bit for take 2 - especially focusing on the dashes - it's a bit of an endemic issue in modern writers, isn't it - with the help of a non-PPCer beta.

All dragged-on-to-the-point-of-unfunniness jokes aside, I feel I got it most of the way there, but I'm not posting it just yet. First of all, it's way too late, and there's always the possibility I missed a glaringly obvious error in my sleep-deprived state. Second of all, I'm... Actually still not sure what to do for the fic.

Yeah, FiO isn't bad in technical terms. I'm not gonna lie, that hypothetical mission would really just be an excuse to advance my characters' arcs; it fits in nicely with their personal themes. Obviously, the in-universe PPC would have every reason to stop [sighs] CelestAI before someone writes her discovering metafiction and turning the entire multiverse into friendship and ponies. But yeah, that's not A Terrible Badfic That Defiles Canon in terms of its actual writing. Oh well.

My actual choice for a first mission was Pattycakes (potentially doing something fun with the "multiple endings" thing), but on second thoughts, it's just... Kinda nasty. And I don't think it'd work well with those agents. So I'll get back to you with something more appropriate.

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