Subject: I’m not participating this year because…
Posted on: 2021-11-03 20:36:55 UTC

At the end of October I finished the first draft for an 85k word book I’ve been working on since March! Instead I’m planning to spend this month revising it, fleshing out what’s needed needed and cutting down what’s not, and get it ready to send to publishers.

It’s an urban fantasy set in Chicago 2015, where vampires, werewolves, and mages exist, and hunters roam the streets, fighting the gloambeasts that spawn from the darkness.

The story kicks off when Ordinary College Student Lee gets attacked by a werewolf and is rescued by her roommate Bella—who is actually a hundred and eighty year old vampire—and their classmate Ariel, a hunter and descendent of one of the oldest families of hunters who helped broker the Night Treaty that lets the underworld live in peace.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the Night Treaty—especially the vampires whose hunting rules are strictly monitored for the safety of mortals. And the werewolf that attacked Lee is just one of the first of many feral attacks, werewolves going insane without the influence of the full moon. Tensions are rising, and the peace offered by the Night Treaty is no longer guaranteed if the werewolves keep putting it in danger.

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