Subject: Guilty as charged!
Posted on: 2021-11-06 11:46:44 UTC

Yes, there is angst, but also I like to think the characters learning how to grow past it. There's a whole scene where Lee finally agrees to go to therapy that I'm incredibly proud of (so watch it get cut in the final edit, aaaaaaaaaa—)


This whole thing actually started off as a bit of a joke idea in my head, combined with a Castlevania RP with a friend of mine. Lee and Bella are essentially reskins of Agents Ix and Charlotte, while Ariel is Lorson with a couple fewer prosthetics. See kids? PPC writing can lead to 'actual' writing!

Right now I'm just going to be sending out to any and all publishers that will accept unsolicited scrips in my preferred genre. I've already got a 500 word synopsis ready to go; all that's left is to get that first draft into something more appealing.

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