Subject: Just gonna point out real quick...
Posted on: 2021-11-30 09:12:20 UTC

...that while getting mad at badfic is understandable, I feel like it kind of defeats the purpose of PPCing, which is to have fun poking fun at badfic. There's a reason why the MST3K mantra gets quoted so often around here - it's just a fic, so we really should relax. :) I've had my share of brain-breaking badfic before, but I know what skeeves me out or makes me angry and why, and I take care to avoid that, because while anger can lead to some funny snark sometimes, most of the time it's just exhausting and not fun for a reader to engage with. This is all my opinion, mind you, but I do feel like we should keep in perspective what the PPC is about and why.

Besides, as far as I'm concerned, Engrish is a pretty funny thing. (By which I mean that I'd never poke fun of someone not being great at speaking a foreign language, because I'm no better when it comes to my own secondary languages aside from English, but there's a reason why everyone laughs their butts off at bad bootleg translations.)

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